A downloadable game for Windows

This Game was created by an 8 person team.

  • Adam Klappers -  Game Designer (Klaptastic Games)
  • Ben Hinkley - Game Designer
  • Sam Handley - Artist
  • Alec Luke - Artist
  • Jaeden Kennaway -Artist
  • Nicholas Johnson - Programmer
  • Talis Wagner - Programmer
  • Shayne Parks - Programmer

We had a deadline to finish the game within 6 weeks.

WARNING:  this game contains flashing lights, and might not be suitable for people with epilepsy and or prone to have seizures, please consult doctor before playing.


“Technical Difficulties” is a single player arena FPS that puts the player against hordes in a game show the enemies come in waves for which progressively get more difficult as the player progresses. Though the waves aren’t endless with the final ending occurring at the final wave of 10 “This being the main objective of the game”. There are two conditions for ending the game with the player either finishing the final wave “this being the 10th wave” or if the player dies each of which will bring the player to a final scoreboard for which dictates the score and provides them with a place to put their high score and henceforth ending the game show.

Post your scores and wave number for bragging rights.

Install instructions

Extract RAR files then click the EXE to run.


Technical Difficulties.rar 112 MB